Friday, August 13, 2004

What to Expect
I figured I'd put one more post in before taking tonight and probably tomorrow off:

Hugh Hewitt, a blog I hadn't read before, had this interesting prediction of what may soon happen in the campaign:
I expect a pro-Bush 527 to produce an ad shortly with ominous music, quoting John Kerry in 1979, 1986, and 1992 about his Christmas-Eve-in-Cambodian adventure, (Glenn's post has the details from those three episodes), followed by more ominous music and quotes from his "magic hat" interview in June of 2003, followed by a script read of his spokesman's recanting the excellent adventure story, followed by a close: "John Kerry wasn't telling the truth about Vietnam for 30 years. Now he's asking you to believe him when he says he's ready to be the commander-in-chief. But we know you can't trust John Kerry, can you?"

The reason such an ad will be so effective is that it will force the big papers to end their media blockade of the issue, because they always run "truth" boxes on the ads that have been produced. Thus far folks like Chris Matthews have diverted discussion from the Kerry lies about Cambodia onto the medals controversy, which cannot be won by either side, but which does lead to a lot of outraged rhetoric from Kerry's bench. An ad that focuses on the now discredited "seared, seared" speech in the Senate won't allow such room for maneuver.

Interesting thoughts. Maybe I should check that blog out more often....

(thanks to Powerline for the referral)

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