Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bush - Stronger on the Issues? What Issues?
Those of us (like me) who are against Kerry (as opposed to being pro-Bush) argue that in lieu of arguing on any issue, or putting forward any concrete policy, Kerry has been speaking in truisms and telling tall tales of Vietnam heroism. However, as this post from Pandagon points out, the view from the other side of the fence is that Bush may not be doing all that much better.

George W. Bush's site has an issues section. It has no actual proposals for any second-term policies. Not one. The closest any section comes is national security, which reprints a brief summary of a 2002 speech that declares we will do good stuff, at least 2/3 of which Bush has fundamentally failed at.

Now I'll disagree with the author of this post about whether Bush has failed at foreign policy. However, the author certainly makes a strong point - exactly what is Bush going to claim he is in favor of during a second term? And a different question - exactly what will he actually be in favor of?

Why do I ask these questions? Well, since those on the right attack the Mooreistas for sheer hatred of Bush, unless Bush articulates a set of proposals in essence his supporters will be voting for him out of a similiar hatred of Kerry.

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