Monday, August 23, 2004

Just Another Day in the Fladen House
As a kid, I got a kick out of calling my mother’s secretaries, and posing as a judge or client. Conversations would frequently transpire as such.

Secretary - “Attorney Sharon Fladen’s Office”
Me – “This is Judge Hopp. Ms. Fladen was due in my court ten minutes ago. I suggest you tell her to get over here right now.”

Fifteen minutes later
Mom – “Elliot you are grounded”

Well, I’m back in Canton, so while writing my paper, I’m back to old my tricks. My grandmother’s nurse was in the house when her daughter called and I picked it up - so I of course told her it was a collection agency. Improvising on the fly, she picked the phone up and started arguing with the “collection agency”. Of course my mom was right there, and grabbed the phone from her, and announced in her sternest voice – “This is Attorney Sharon Fladen. You are berating my client…”

At which point the rest of us cracked up laughing……

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