Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kerry in Cambodia? Who cares?
PrestoPundit, one of my favorite blogs, is among the many who are trying to show that Kerry was not, contrary to repeated claims, in Cambodia during Vietnam. Personally I can't stand Kerry and I'll be rooting against him. But there reaches a point when an issue just starts to feel like it is getting beaten to death. Maybe its because I read so many blogs, but the Kerry in Cambodia/Kerry not a Hero issue feels just like that. Kerry's a liar. Great. Nice. Let's move on to a different point - like perhaps how his policies would suck.

Update: Clinton Taylor, sometimes guest columnist at the National Review disagrees:

Saw your blog post about the Cambodia thing. I used to agree with your take, and I guess I'm a little sick of it. But the way I see it, his campaign rests entirely on the single leg of his four months in Vietnam. I mean, he's not even against the Iraq war any more. If you kick that one thing out from under him, the whole thing topples. And if this story breaks into the major media it will be pretty wobbly. Why would he lie about this stuff? Is he that vain? That insecure? Or that ambitious?

That's a conversation the nation ought to have.

Not that Republicans shouldn't attack him on the issues too. But I think blogs are a great way to keep this issue alive.

Do you remember the story of another lefty pseudo-military fantasist, Micah Wright? The "Special Forces" blogger who made up the Special Forces part of his resume? That blog-fueled revelation destroyed a lot of his credibility. If it comes out big that Kerry was lying about his magic CIA hat and his sleigh ride into Cambodia, I expect it will have the same effect on Kerry's credibility.


Points taken. I would counter . . . but on further thought there is another point - it is mainly the politically masochistic who read blogs relgiously. In this it differs from the rest of the media, because if you don't want to see it you are better able to ignore it. As such, the beating a dead horse argument maybe isn't apt after all.

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