Thursday, August 05, 2004

In the Interest of Farness
I'm posting this email I received. The author wants to remain aIts good, so enjoy.
· John Kerry served in Vietnam. He knows the realities of war and will not put our children in harms way without good reason.

· John Kerry was awarded four medals including the Silver Star. Before I even address Hibbard’s claim that Kerry’s first Purple Heart was undeserved, read the text of Kerry’s Silver Star and tell me that he was not a dedicated, courageous servant of this country. Okay, the claim was a dead issue long ago, but Hibbard, a staunch Republican, hopes to resurrect it now for political ends. “But the release of Kerry's war record put an end to the flap. Stuck in the middle of released documents was an evaluation of Kerry by Hibbard, filled out two weeks after he supposedly told Kerry he didn't deserve a Purple Heart. Nowhere in Hibbard's evaluation did he mention any problem with Kerry over Kerry's winning a Purple Heart. In fact, Hibbard wrote that Kerry was one of the best sailors he knew in three categories -- initiative, cooperation and personal behavior. Why, if he thought Kerry was trying to finagle a Purple Heart, did he give him such high marks for personal behavior? As Katherine Q. Seelye reported in the New York Times once the document was released, Hibbard went underground, unwilling to grant interviews, hiding from the press in his retirement home in Florida. The story went away.” From [here]

·John Kerry was lauded by his peers on several occasions for his war-time conduct, particularly his ability to stay calm in highly stressful situations.

·John Kerry, as a member of the VVAW, demonstrated a deep commitment to basic human values, namely the sanctity of life and the rights of the innocent. Representing over 1000 Vietnam veterans, John Kerry testified before congress of daily atrocities as well as the larger problems with war in Vietnam. I’m sure some will still disagree, but I dare say history has vindicated the conclusions he drew in that testimony.

·The bottom line is: John Kerry is already a better leader than George W. Bush will ever be. Consider Bush’s record on each of the above points. Enough said.

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