Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry v. Bush - Death Penalty and Innocence Project
By this point most of you who read my blog have figured out my distaste for Kerry. But there are a few issues, if I could trust him to be consistent, that I think he is far superior to Bush on. One is his vision of the death penalty and the innocence project. As TalkLeft points out:

In the past two weeks, Wilton Dedge left jail after 22 years. Robert Coney was freed at 76 after serving 41 years. And Michael McAllister, who served 18 years.

How many more of them are there? What can we do to find them? Pass a real Innocence Protection Act, for one. Bush won't do it. Kerry will.

Sen. John Kerry: "I oppose the death penalty other than in cases of real international and domestic terrorism. We know we have put innocent people to death; 111 innocent people have already been released from death row. As president, I'll enforce the law but I'll also have a national moratorium on federal executions until we use DNA evidence to make sure those on death row are guilty."

Read the whole thing, with links.

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