Thursday, August 26, 2004

More Swirling Confusion
Patterico is trying to get the LA Times to admit that they screwed up. On a front page story. Of "intense national interest." Screwing over conservatives.

Coincidence? Let's take a walk down memory lane -
Remember this?
Yet despite its neutrality, The Times ran a merciless series of stories attacking GOP front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger, largely for sexual harassment against women, though more recently his admiration of Adolf Hitler. No one begrudges the Times the right to report the news. But the extent, timing and vitriol of attacks raise alarming concerns about media bias and the egregious use of a daily newspaper for political purposes. “Here’s a newspaper that pretty much doesn’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so they put this on Page 1 five days before the election,” said Bernard Goldberg, author of “Bias,“ a bestseller exposing liberal bias at CBS News. Going for the jugular, LA’s best newspaper has crossed the line.

Or how about this?
Field Poll Blasts Times Poll: The people who run the Field Poll not only think the L.A. Times poll (showing Davis on the verge of beating the recall) is full of it, they think the L.A. Times' defensive explanation for why its poll is different is also full of it! And they make a powerful case.

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