Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The New Petition Making the Rounds
I am quite skeptical of this petition which I received through the Stanford Peace-Discuss listserve - mainly because I feel that in the name of greater human welfare, it will be used solely as a club to bash the U.S. That being said, I like posting stuff I disagree with, so enjoy:

Dear all,

Please sign this petition and pass it on to all of your family, friends and other concerned peaceful citizens of our world.

Best regards,
Samina F. Sundas

Please join us to preserve faith in humanity in the face of atrocities

We the undersigned peaceful people of the world demand from all of our religious and political leaders to stop oppression, wars, torture, criminalization and occupation of human beings in the name of religion, nations and its people.

We are demanding the protection of international law, human rights and humanity, equality, justice and peace in our world. We should treat all human beings the same way we would like to be treated: with fairness, dignity and respect.

We will stand up to protect and preserve our freedom and human rights for ALL.

Samina F. Sundas,
Executive Director,
American Muslim Voice
August 9th, 2004

UPDATE: At least one person is not happy about the petition, as he makes clear in this vitrolic email

Your petition is nothing but a coward approach to your criminal Zionist Neo-Nazi Government. I feel sorry to see you Muslims have become so desperate to ask for peace to some one who is destroying systematically not only the human values but its roots. Don’t you think or know that your religion Islam dictates in open words to stand and fight against such atrocities. Not only your religion but any civilised society will fight and not sending petition for peace. You want to make peace with whom “devils and children of Satan” ?
Attacking on Najaf specially in your sacred cemetery of Vaadi Salam where your Holy book mention importance of this place. Your Zionist Neo-Nazi Government have done irreparable damage. I feel pity and to be honest your voice will not be herd nor your petition will go to your criminal Government.
You should start working on petition to work against the Zionist influence to your great country where they have taken you my soul in such a manner that you are destroyed before even you start for resistance against this devilish force. You have the free voice of freedom to talk against Almighty God, but you cannot speak against this evil power which is reign in the world to destroy even before you get out of your bed as terrorist and other allegations.
I wish you good luck but again peace cannot be achieved against Neo-Nazi Govt. of united states. No doubt that your country and people are great and they have to show greatness by getting up to manifest against your evil power. Your atrocities in Iraq was long before and today they are openly killing and even destroying Muslim Shrines with no respect.
As one old Muslim told me that this is the long dream of Jews and they will do more harm but consequences of this shameless atrocities will be more devastating.

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