Sunday, August 22, 2004

Swiftboat, Part CMLXVI
The story that will not die continues here.

I published this comment on Bo Cowgill's site.
Whether you find the ads to be persuasive or offensive, Kerry's quick use of legal tactics betray a thin skin that will have to thicken if he is to be effective on the international stage. Even worse, they show a disrespect for the right to free speech that is surprising for somebody claiming that he will restore civil liberties.

Paul at Wizbang has reasons for why the SBVT should be optimistic after this Washington Post piece.

Here are some of them (I encourage you to read the rest)
The spin of this single story is not nearly as important, politically, as its mere existence. The WaPo (Washington Post) running this story legitimizes the issue and forces other news organizations to do the same. The Swifies' have what they want, a real political issue. Make no mistake, no matter what your political stripe, this story is bad news for Kerry. In the perfect Kerry world, he was every veteran's hero. Obviously he can't make that claim.

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