Thursday, August 05, 2004

Devastating Political Ad
This is quite simply the most powerful political ad I have ever seen. I won't comment on it right now - you need to see it for yourself.

UPDATE: For a critical look at the group sponsoring the ad click here (you'll have to see a brief ad to read the article in full).

UPDATE: More Criticism Here
You can also find the funding record for Swift Boat Veterens for truth here.

The criticism mostly centers around the ideologoy and funding of Kerry's critics. While those are points that should undoubtedly be looked at, the real issue is whether Kerry's "record of bravery" is legitimate or the carefully contrived result of him using his extensive connections during the war to inflate normal achievement. This question would of course be irrelevant if Kerry would just shutup about Vietnam.

UPDATE: McCain is calling on Bush to denounce the ad (which is not officially linked to Bush). I think this is unwarrented for two reasons. First, Kerry has clearly put the issue of Vietnam on the table. Second, even if Kerry hadn't, and the Repubs had just used this as a less effective character swipe, the Dems have been doing this stuff unofficially since the Iraq war began. Michael Moore and his ilk are still out spewing lies for Kerry's benefit, yet McCain isn't calling on Kerry to denounce them. Why the double standard?

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