Tuesday, January 13, 2004

with "that time of the month" fast approaching, i've been forced once again to reflect upon the ups and downs of being female. having been raised with reverence for the sexual revolution of the 1960s and beyond, i have always thought women are (or at least should be) on an equal footing with men. but for the last few hours i've been wondering whether the next leap forward for womankind isn't just around the corner. my sisters, ask yourselves this question: how would your life be different if you didn't own a clitoris?
consider this: current studies estimate that perhaps 50% of women suffer from female sexual dysfunction (read, inability to achieve orgasm). and according to my boyfriend, the chances are great that the rest of us are probably faking it. men are holding us captive with their lies, telling us that if we stay with them and serve as incubators for their young we may someday reach what they call "climax." they say that if only we were "normal" females, we would be able to achieve this so-called climax through clitoral stimulation. this perverse game must come to an end! women must cast off the chains of this lie of female orgasm which exists only in the male mind. only by destroying our clitorises can we finally eliminate from the face of the earth the dehumanizing myth of female orgasm. only then will women ever achieve true equality with each other and fight shoulder to shoulder for our rights!

but then again, maybe all that's just the pms talking. you never know...

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