Thursday, January 15, 2004

Legislators sit on their hands while jobs leave the state
Greenhunt has a great article in the Orange County Register. Read it here (registration required).

Key quote
I think of the Legislature as a giant make-work project for journalists. We've been kept quite busy on the editorial page documenting one piece of insanity after another. There are legislators who want to "nationalize" industries (electricity, petroleum), just as they did in the communist bloc. Others think the government can simply, with the snap of its fingers, provide health care and something called living wages. Still other legislators specialize in punishing those nasty, rotten profit-seeking businesses with vindictive regulations, higher taxes and costly mandates.

Later he goes on....

Kosmont Partners of Los Angeles and the Rose Institute of State and Local Government in Claremont recently produced a survey called "Manufacturing in California." The survey points to the obvious: The state is losing more than 60,000 manufacturing jobs a year, and that number has accelerated in the last four years under an onslaught of anti-business legislation.

Read the whole thing - it is worth your time (especially if you live in California)

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