Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Setting up the StanfordLawSki Listserve
I'm hoping to get a list together of law students that ski so as to better set up trips. A few quick things I have learned from Phoebe from her trip.
1) Apparently there is a ski shop near Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe that is selling non-parabolic skis for $20
2) Diamond Mountain charges $77 for a two day pass
3) There is a Super 8 in Carson City that charges $34 a night
4) Borreal (sp?) has a deal of lodging and skiing for $69 and $10 fridays if you have a college ID
5) Alpine Meadows has $39 a day lift tickets provided they don't sell out

Something I found out myself
- If you go on Orbitz, search for hotels in Reno - you can usually find really cheap, yet 4 star ones that charge about $50 a night.

Happy Skiing!

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