Friday, January 30, 2004

The Apprentice - and womyn are better than men
Yin is running a post on how pathetic the men in The Apprentice are. I want to take Yin's post a little bit farther - I think we suck in general compared to ambitious women. Intelligent women seem to have the nuances of polite conversation and masking your intentions down better than men - both of which seem important for high powered corporate life. Interesting to note though that all the girls I meet always prefer hanging out with men over other women - further that everybody I meet hates corporate culture...

Perhaps there is a connection here? Perhaps the way women treat each other is the way corporations generally treat its employees. This would explain a bit why women hate each other and everybody hates corporate culture. Also this would lead to women in many senses being better prepared to handle the corporate mating dance.

Just a thought

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