Friday, January 09, 2004

Screw You too Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis rips the Cavs.

Key quote
"[The team] went backward. It's like the same team from last year with me scoring a lot of points and them losing games. It's pretty much the same thing. They're going to be looking for another addition next year. Hopefully, they can get another draft pick. They've got good players. They're good guys. They work hard. The guys who came from here really know how to win games. You could turn it around, but you've got the two guys up top . . . it's going to be hard to turn it around."

I don't really like my hometown area being called "a black hole" Let's reserve that term for New York. Anyway, let's see, the Cavs won 17 games with you last year, and this year have already won 12 with three months or so to play....Hope you are enjoying your time in Boston...on the bench.

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