Sunday, January 18, 2004

Environmentalists Screw it Up (again), Blame Republicans After Fact
Another editorial at least somewhat concerned with the "revision" to the Clean Air Act in the Wall Street Journal

Key Quote
Let's start with the environmental decision. The D.C. Circuit's ruling is the latest act in the long-running saga over Clean Air Act provisions known as New Source Review. As the name implies, the 1970s-era rules were intended to force the latest clean air technology on new pollution sources, not on existing power plants and the like, which are subject to strict emissions caps in any case.

So everyone understood for two decades, until the Clinton Administration decided that routine maintenance activities created a "new source" and hauled companies into court with the demand they install expensive scrubbers. The resulting legal uncertainty left many companies deferring further repair work, threatening safety and reliability. The Bush Administration decided it would be a good idea to clarify the rules.

Let's see here - a Democratic adminsitration under the guise of reform making things in effect more dirty and dangerous, then calling Republicans extremists when they try to undo the damage.... Am I the only one surprised?

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