Thursday, February 12, 2004

Who Came Up With the "Electability" Line? Plus, Guess What Secret Society Kerry/Bush are Members of
For about a month, the word that the general media has used to describe Kerry is "electable." Howard Dean was unelectable, as he was unstable. General Clark was unelectable, as he couldn't campaign to save his life. Edwards was unelectable, as he was too untested. Only Kerry, the Vietnam Veteran, had the ability, to beat Bush. This is of course in spite of his flip-flops on any issue requiring a backbone, his elitism (like Bush he was in Skull and Bones at Yale), and his calling for both disbanding the CIA and placing our troops under the dictum of the UN in the past.

So where did this electability line come from? And why did everybody start saying it all at once? Its usage seems too sudden and widespread to be coincidence; rather it looks to be a coordinated media assault on the other democrat contenders. Perhaps those Skull and Bones connections paid off a bit in getting well practiced message of electability to be adopted by the media.

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