Friday, February 20, 2004

The Upcoming Protectionism Battle
Edwards is pulling hard for a return to protectionism on a weekly basis. Originally, this made me quite leery of him winning. After watching protectionism creep up over the past few years, my mind has changed - we need a showdown on whether this country is going to be for free trade, or for special interests. Let Edwards win the Democrat nomination, and let's have this as the '04 issue.

Yes, I am aware this doesn't play well in battleground states. I am also aware that Bush tends to be a free trader in name more than reality. But this would be a chance for Bush to redeem himself. Also, free-traders can't keep hiding on this issue. Eventually we have to confront the critics, and show them to be apologists for special interests. Plus, a battle on trade policy would give Bush the chance to paint himself again as a fiscal moderate instead of a liberal in republican clothing along with giving him another issue to take the educated, socially responsible position :-)

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