Monday, February 02, 2004

Lobbyists and Corporate Attorneys are Republican?
Apparently, Kerry thinks that Washington insiders/polite society are a bunch of Republicans
Before some 700 supporters in Kansas City, [Kerry] said, "All those lobbyists. All those powerful interests that meet in secret in the White House. They hear us coming."

Edwards said something similiar in his stump speech
He said I was this little trial lawyer and went up against the corporate interests, the corporate lawyers, the best money can buy, dignified people. You can hear them thinking Republicans. Then he says 'and they looked at me and said what's this guy doing in the courtroom with us? We're the best and the brightest.' Then he turns to the crowd and says, 'you know I beat them and I beat them and I beat them' and the crowd is going crazy because they know this is the guy who can beat the corporate Republicans.

One problem - when exactly did corporate lobbyists and lawyers become Republicans? When did the "elite" of Manhattan and Bethesda, Md. switch their radio listening habits from NPR to Savage Nation? Most of the corporate lawyers I've met have been very supportive of Democrats. I also know that while there has been a bit of a shakeup along K Street, for a long time most of the lobbyists were Democrats as well. So should Edwards be saying "I beat them" or "I beat us, I beat us, I beat us!" Somehow the last one doesn't sound quite as good.

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