Thursday, February 12, 2004

How to save money on taxi cabs, and clear head at same time - Flirt with Flight attendants
My travel plans were to get back to Ohio, but I had a layover in Chicago of a day. Not a problem - some of my old fraternity brothers at FIJI were still living in house, and I could always count on them to keep a room open for me. The only problem was getting there - as it is a $50 cab ride from Midway airport to Evanston, IL and I didn't feel comfortable taking the L at midnight for a two hour ride to campus (assuming that the purple line would still be running by the time I got to the last leg of the trip). Luckily, one of the cuter flight attendants for ATA took pity on me and after flirting for a bit, offered to drive me to Evanston as the flight was her last of the night.

One thing I have noticed is that girls tend to flirt more on airplanes. Why is this? I have three ideas (1) I'm wrong - girls don't actually flirt more on airplanes; (2) Won't see the person again, less fear of making fool of themself; (3) Often alone, don't have as large of fear of being judged by peers.

What do you think?

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