Monday, February 23, 2004

Granted, the source is incredibly suspect, but does anbyody know more about this?

Update Newsmax, on the opposite side of the fence is alluding to the same thing

Vancouver Indymedia has a discussion on this here

The Selective Service has been quietly filling up draft board positions, reports Salon

Rumsfield said in December that "We Need a Bigger Military" yet military recruitment is down

A skeptic points out

First go here:

mind you I found this in about 2 minutes with a google search. This is not exactly the dead sea scrolls here. Here's a quote from the pentagon's strategy plan:

"The data shows a significant shift from enlisted to officer manpower since World War I...New technologies tend to be officer heavy when first introduced because they are initially complex and require doctrinal and organizational change."

This means that with all these new technologies are officer intensive and a large enlisted force couldn't handle the duties very well- unless of course consisting of NCO's primarily which are not generally acquired by the draft in the first place.

again, in that same report read pp. 15-17 and you will see why a draft is no longer feasible- "During past buildups (e.g. Vietnam), average experience goes down as conscripts enter for two-year terms of service. Moreover, in such period, retention also decreases for all services. With the advent of the All-Volunteer force and especially the Reagan administration, enlisted experience has increased significantly."

again p. 23: "The adoption of the all-volunteer force in 1973 was perhaps the most significant event of the last 50 years. Since then, all the military services have had to compete for qualified people in the removing the "free good element" from military manpower, Pentagon managers were challenged to pay more attention to efficiency issues and to the notion of tradeoff analyses. "

again p. 27 "Training, a skill-based concept that results in immediate ability to do certain tasks more proficiently, is slowly giving way to education of the enlisted force as a knowledge-based force becomes needed for successful performance."

finally from p.35 "...DoD should be trying to shape the future military work force toward mission need and desired outcomes instead of largely reacting to past changes in the external environment."

In other words, the pentagon would have to be seriously smokiing something if it were to request a reinstated draft when all of its HR personnel are telling it to do exactly the opposite: retain older personnel because of increased viability via increasing pay and incentives for returning to service.

Tell that to the crazies at workers world

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