Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Death of Stanford Federalist Rant
For those non-SLS students, Federalist rant was the biggest law school listserve for debate at the law school. The problem was that too many people were debating too many things, leading to everybody's inbox getting clogged. To fix the problem, Ying announced, as Fed Society president, that henceforth, only federalists were to post - if a liberal posted they would be unsubscribed. Ying justified this policy on the grounds that Federalist Society Members need their own sanctuary from liberalism, and the sanctuary had been taken over.

I think this is myopic.
1) If you have lemons make lemonade. We had the best discussion forum at the law school, and now its dead.
2) Federalist Rant was one of the few forums that allowed conservatives to be taken seriously by liberals. By controlling the forum, we had an advantage, which cannot be replaced by law-talk (another list-serve, controlled by the law school, which has been proposed as a replacement for Fed-Rant)
3) Federalsit Society could have easily have created a seperate list for all of us die hard federalists who can't bear to debate liberals.
4) Banning liberals makes us look like fascists who are afraid of opposing views. Oops, my bad. It reveals us to be fascists.
5) The true problem was not too many liberals, it was too much mail. The solution should have been not to ban one side of the debate wholesale, but rather to temporarily ban any poster to an overactive thread who didn't move their conversation to private email.

Well, that's that. I got some mourning to do with respect to my recently departed relationship with Tai, so peace.

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