Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Liberals in Academia, Continued
Alright, I've got to respond to this "liberal" intelligence theory. First, the ivory tower is just that, an ivory tower which separates intellectuals from reality. Intellectuals spend all the time thinking, and no time doing. Their ideas are not tested in the real world. They never have to face the difficulties of actually putting their plans into action. Sure, they write articles and expound on just about everything, but they are accountable for none of their ideas. They don't have to work two jobs to feed their families. They don't have to drag murderers into jail. They don't have to fight wars. They write all sorts of articles and conduct all sorts of studies, but when they're wrong, they don't lose their job. They certainly don't lose their life. The "rabble" out there understands the world, because they're the ones who have to scrape by and fight to survive.

Like I care what Economics professors think. If they're liberals, they clearly don't understand economics, because they do not understand human beings. Or, they simply choose socialism to promote mediocrity. That's their choice, but their skewed viewpoint is certainly not superior.

Are Democrats more libertarian than Republicans? Certainly on some issues. The question is which issues should the government stay out of? Should government attempt to control the free market? Should government throw criminals in jail? Should government fight wars? Should government criminalize behavior that does not impinge upon the rights of others?

Ultimately, this liberal arrogance which believes that the liberals are the intellectual superiors of the masses leads to a desire to control the masses. That is as far from libertarianism as you can get. This belief that the economy can be controlled, that wealth can be redistributed, that government can control all ills, or any ills, for that matter, is what drives the Democrats to tighten their grip on the throats of the people. Certainly, their motives are pure, but they are naive in some cases, or arrogant in others.

A true libertarian believes that the individual should have the ultimate control over whether to succeed or fail on his or her own merits based upon his or her own decisions. The Democrats believe that no one has to fail, that the government will be there to provide if they do. They believe that we should take from those that succeed to help those that fail. Those may be simplistic terms, but that is the core of their philosophy. It sounds nice, but it breeds inefficiency and laziness. It would turn the U.S. into Europe and I would rather die than see that happen.

Intellectuals are nothing more than critics and as Teddy Roosevelt said, "it's not the critic who counts

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