Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Partito Radicale Transnazionale (Transnational Radical Party) in Europe Gives Reasons for Optimism
A friend forwards me a link to this page. Go to the photos, and then the article by Emma Bonino. She is the former European Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs and the other two in pictures (if you look at them before the article) are Members of the European Parliament. What you'll read will shock you - a European perspective that actually is quite reasonable.

Here is the money quote
In other words, contrary to the supporters of Zapateros, the right answer should be "everyone in Baghdad", each and everyone should be determined to assume real responsibility against terrorism : it is only in this way - by expressing our will to share responsibility - and not by declaring "let's arm ourselves and you go to war" that invoking the UN and/or NATO could be meaningful and concrete.

Finally, abandoning Irakians (as we did with the Chechnyans and with the Bosnians yesterday, and with several others) at a time of need and in a decisive moment for their future, is not at all dignified. This is not a behaviour that we, democrats, could ever be proud of.

See the rest for yourself - some radicali are getting it right.

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