Saturday, March 20, 2004

Hate Crime Hoax at Claremont
A good read. Basically a professor wanted more attention to hate crimes so she vandalized her own car and painted hurtful slogans. Unfortunately for her, after the University worked itself into a righteous lather, eyewitnesses who saw the whole thing came forward and identified the victim as the perpetrator. Wherever you stand on hate crimes, a hoax is terrible. If you are against the PC climate as many are, these incidents fuel the fire of indignation, and force people to endure community sit ins and "academic" speakers on race relations. If you are for the PC climate however, you should be even more upset. Hoaxes diminish support for PC acts and undermine the entire movement. Either way the assistant professor who pulled the hoax off should at least be fired from her position, and the maximum penalty (whatever that is for filing a false police report) should be levied.

(thanks to Volokh Conspiracy for the referral)

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