Monday, March 29, 2004

Message to the Browns - Please Don't Trade Up
The Beacon Journal is reporting that the Browns might trade up and grab the number one pick to draft the top offensive lineman - Robert Gallery. I haven't followed the draft this closely, but unless the Browns are sure, really sure, know without a doubt that this guy is going to be a stud off the bat, this would not be a good move. Trading up means we are going to have to pay a ransom of players and other picks that we desperately need. Additionally, for a number one or two pick, the salary demands are sure to bust our cap for the next few years, and to add insult to injury there is also the fact that we are dealing with the draft projection of talent here. We all remember Couch, Courtney Brown, Warren. Those players were supposed to be the real deals, mostly they just cost us salary cap room.

While I commend the Browns on finally deciding the last two years to invest in their woeful offensive line, desperation often breeds rash and ill advised moves when it comes to talent acquisition. I hope the Browns don't make one.

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