Monday, December 20, 2004

Well, life continues. My first amendment exam came and went - I overstudied, which probably hurt me. Yesterday I continued writing on my paper. A little bit of background about it: I'm writing about how to calculate interest in the event that reparations for slavery are ever implemented. Not an easy question - first off, do you imply compound or simple interest; constant, annual, or continuous compounding. More importantly, what is the proper interest rate to discount over time - the arithmetic mean or the geometric mean? And the mean of what - the long term bond rate since 1865, the actual rates of interest that the market ended up bearing over the last 140 or so years, or some different rate altogether? Should there even be interest, or should it be a constant or gradually declining balance?

That should give those of you who still read this blog why I have not been posting - I've been phenomonally busy researching and writing this thing. I guess I could make a post on the news as of late, but I don't care for Kerrick's love trysts, and Bush's reiteration of putting a man on Mars makes me feel nauseous. Oh well.

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