Friday, December 24, 2004

Regarding Phoebe's Post
Funny stuff. I remember growing up with the words of Robin Morgan's ilk held as a model to live by my summer camps. Years later, all I can say about it is - - - - blah.

Seriously, end of the world alarmism only works for so long. You'll often hear progressives bemoaning a climate of fear that has been irresponsibly foisted on us after 9/11, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, that is designed on purpose to keep us scared, dumb, and voting Republican. While one could reasonably agree with the general direction of the complaint (as opposed to its degree), you rarely see mention in the main stream media of a countering irresponsible climate of fear that is designed to keep us scared, dumb, and voting democrat. Fear of "The Day After Tomorrow," of coathangers in lieu of Roe v. Wade, of Grannie without her social security, of 45 million without health care, etc. If progressives bemoan one climate of fear, then how come they don't bemoan the other? Maybe because what they dislike isn't "the climate of fear" - maybe it is the Republican voting. Just a thought.

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