Sunday, December 05, 2004

Updates and Life
I haven't posted for the last week because I was in the middle of getting ready for my Advocacy Skills trial. Did I do a good job? Yes. I hammered the witness in my cross, had a pretty good direct, and made a mostly good closing argument. It just wasn't enough - the two opposing counsel, Leah Vickers and particularly Aaron Thacker were just two damn good.

Anyway, earlier this week was the Raich case as I posted. I have been incredibly disillusioned since the arguments came down, and I am hoping for a 5-4 split in the respondent's favor with O'Connor, Ginsburg, Thomas, Rehnquist, and Kennedy voting for affirmance and Stevens, Souter, Scalia, and that other guy (yep I forgot, sue me) voting for reversal. Its a long shot as Kennedy seemed highly skeptical of the argument, and O'Connor/Rehnquist have always been very law and order (viewing the war on drugs as a matter of national concern). I have very little faith for the court to do its duty and use its powers of persuasion to limit congress to its enumerated powers.

Finally, its about time Butch Davis is out of the Browns. A coach that won't share credit for success and always looks for scapegoats for failure is doomed to failure. To squash threats emenating from losing seasons, Davis never minded serving up his coordinators on silver platters. As for the talent situation on the Browns, Davis was hired for his ability to recognize talent, and his connections to the players that were coming up the college pipeline in the next few drafts. Yet, his choices have been less than inspiring, and the browns remain one of the least talented teams in the league. Worse still, often talented players would be run off because Davis perceived them as threats to control of the clubhouse. When they brought veteran personal man Tom Wolfe aboard, Davis perceived that as well to be a threat to his rule as opposed to an opportunity to win and had him purged. Ultimately, the biggest threat to Davis was his own incompetance.

Well, those are my random thoughts. Finals are upon me, and I have work to do, but you will see more posting in the next few days - it will just be sparse.

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