Thursday, December 23, 2004

in the interest of responsible advertising.....
reconstructionist feminist theory, elliot? i find this just a tad odd (but not bad odd, of course) that you should list this painfully *dated* area of scholarship as one of the primary subjects of perusal on the fladen experience. i have yet to read even *one* post on this blog that does justice to this relic of times gone by....

in fact, elliot, in the interest of responsible adertising, and of compassionate conservatism in this time of grief for our country's lost and wounded soldiers serving us bravely in the rugged hinterlands of iraq, i would humbly urge all fladenites (and all blogosphere residents, for that matter) to save discussion of this curio of a bygone age, the "reconstructionist feminist theory" to which this blog's banner alludes, until *after* the revolution, and then only in tightly knit and responsibly controlled academic circles.

"what revolution?" you might ask...

and in these dark times (on this i can come clean) your question is a fair one. the late 1960's are fully 35 years ago. But its memory, for better or worse, sputters on. A decade that was first vilified, then forgotten, then excused, and finally exonerated and made into the object of a thousand masturbations... our collective cultural musings on this era have run their course.

i write not to praise the naive excesses of such an age but to bury them in the sands of history, to lay gently to rest 35 years of recent history, and the tired rhetorical flourishes we have inherited from the peace movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the racialist movement the LSD movement and innumerable other movements that moved only minds but did not move them far enough for long enough to avoid imperceptibly slow deaths.... and the texture and fabric of the country was altered, a nearly-chemical change as if heavy molten metals spattering in an enormous crucible leagues below the earth's surface had bubbled up and left the boomers with their vapors that wafted ever so seditiously into their unsuspecting noses) and their children the x'ers (harried and sadistic) forgot forever what it was like to crouch humbly by a campfire (at night a hearth) thanking the gods for existence and for the world and all your fellows, and to expect that someday... someday it would all get better than it ever actually was or could be..........


in the spirit of *giving* and holiday *cheer* in our country's time of *remembrance* and *sacrifice* (even *deja vu* perhaps???) i shall type a few of my favorite passages from one of my favorite advocates of today's initial whipping boy, reconstructionist feminist theory.

From Robin Morgan, The Word of a Woman, "The Wretched of the Hearth."

on putting out...

"As for the myth of the sexual revolution: there is no such thing yet - for women. The double standard exists more powerfully and hypocritically than ever, among radicals and hippies as well as straights. A sexually free woman is still a lay guys can exchange stories about, while a woman who might not "want to" is considered hung-up: she has the pill, so what's stopping her? (Conceivably, a sense of distaste)."

on the war of all against all

"Humankind has polluted the air and water and land of our planet; we have all but destroyed ourselves by the twin suicidal weapons of overkill and overbreeding. The famine is upon us, the cities are in flames, our sisters and brothers all oer the world are locked in a struggle with the dragon that is imperialism. It is for us in America, the dragon's lair, to put every priority of oppression first, to fight on every front for human dignity, to vurn our way out of the dragon's gut while our comrades hack away at its scaly exterior, until the beast is dead, and we rise in joy, a woman and a man, phoenix from its ashes."

on being a psycho bitch from hell

"Let it all hang out. Let it seem bitchy, catty, dykey, frustrated, crazy, nutty, frigid, ridiculous, bitter, embarrassing, man-hating, libelous, pure, unfair, envious, intuitive, low-down, stupid, petty, liberating. We are the women that men have warned us about."

what the one witch whispered to the other witch

Whisper One: All your betrayals of me, my dear, are somehow payments against what we both fear and never speak of: mine.

Whisper Two: Freiendship is mutual blackmail elevated to the level of love.

Whisper Three: We may as well trust each other. They're going to try to burn us anyway.

Merry Christmas, and Good Tidings to All.

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