Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Reports from the Anti FMA rally in DC
The Students for Equal Rights Campaign sponsored anti Federal Marriage amendment (FMA) rally outside the senate for 6:00 p.m. today. I showed up, a little late, because although I voted for Bush in 2000, I am strongly against amending the constitution to prevent homosexual secular marriage. The size of the crowd was perhaps stifled by the FMA failing in the senate earlier in the afternoon - there were perhaps 150 people there.

I came to the rally as one opposed to restrictions on gay marriage - what I got instead was a lecture that Bush was wrong not only gay marriage, but also on the environment, gasoline prices, the war in Iraq, education, health care, jobs, the deficit, and assault weapons. Not sure how this applied to the FMA.

When the speakers did stay on topic, I of course agreed with them. Much disgust was present for Sanotorum in particular. Interestingly, one speaker said the following "There is zero room for hate here. . . let's understand our opponents." Very surprising from the protesting crowd.

As for the signs - the most creative was "Marriage is a Church + State Begotten Weed but Until We Can Do Some Serious WeedWackin Dandelions For All" Vote Kerry buttons were everywhere along with "Don't Recycle Bush" and "Dump Bush" versions. Oddly enough, there were no counter protestors.

Eventually, having done my duty I left. I heard later that the cameras showed up, but only a few protestors remained at that point.

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