Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fisking Edwards
QandO comes through again with this excellent post. If you want a more positive yet realistic view of the speech, click here.

Oh yeah, if you really believe that the Democrats are running a campaign significantly more positive than the Republicans, you should read this as well.  Or read this excerpt from the QandO post that I linked to above -
From the party of the "Bush lied" meme, this seems a bit disingenous. From the party of the "Bushitler" image, it seems a bit hypocritical. From the party of the "Bush knew about 911" conspiracy ala Howard Dean and Cynthia McKinney, this seems to be an outright fabrication. But then Edwards is a trial lawyer.

One contradiction that comes out immediatly in the speech is that Edwards wants to cut out waste in government spending. But he also wants a hike in minimum wage. As McQ pointed out, a hike in minimum wage spending will lead to higher union salaries. Higher union salaries leads to higher government contract costs since all government contracts must pay prevailing wage. Higher government contract costs of course leads to more, not less, wasteful government spending.

Anyway, surf the web and you'll find more of this stuff....I just don't have the energy today to refute it all.

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