Friday, July 30, 2004

Fisking Ralph Nader – Lessons from the Blogsphere
The purpose of this series of posts will be to provide links from the blogsphere that critique many of the positions taken by the candidacy of Ralph Nader. In this election, many are not satisfied with either of the major party candidates. However, voting third party as a protest vote is truly a wasted vote if the alternative candidate is not an improvement over either of the major party candidates. I believe this is the case for the candidacy of Ralph Nader. In the posts below (which will be added over the next week or two - and if you have a tip or an argument you are welcome to submit it until then - trust me, I'll need help) I will go step by step through the issues on Ralph Nader, and why he is not a suitable third party candidate. Mind you, the entire platform will not be deconstructed, as I am not, for example, an expert in Health Care policy and do not feel comfortable wading into that morass. However, there are several issues where I deeply disagree with Mr. Nader, and I will lay out my reasons why below
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Keep in mind this is a work in progress. It will not be completed immediately, and I may change the dates and times of the post on a whim in order to get it flow properly. I also appreciate feedback in getting some of the arguments to work more smoothly.


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