Friday, July 30, 2004

Anti-Abortion Group Muzzled By McCain - Feingold
Wisconsin Right to Life had planned on urging sympathetic citizens to contact Senators Feingold and Kohl and tell them to oppose a fillibuster. However the ads are said to run afoul of McCain-Feingold Campain Finance Reform law, even thought they are not promoting candidate, nor are they saying that citizens should vote against one. Rather they are just urging citizens to contact those two Senators. WRL has filed suit to ask for an injunction to prevent the law from being enforced. Stay tuned...

Update: Ellis Oster, President of Cornell Federalist Society has this to say by email to me:
Btw, isn't it nice to know that a federal law protecting kids from accessing Internet porn was recently held unconstitutional, but McCain-Feingold, which limits our fundamental right of free speech, is A-OK??? Because of McCain-Feingold, the Wisconsin Right to Life cannotrun ads 60 days before the election urging people to call Sen. Feingold and voice their concerns about the filibuster of pro-life judicial nominees. Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot, of course the framers of our constitution didn't care atall about protecting political speech; they were only concerned aboutprotecting kiddie porn. My bad!

Update(x2): For the record I'm very pro-choice. But this is too funny to let go.

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