Friday, July 30, 2004

c) Reform of Corporate "Personage" Rights — Corporations Should NOT be Entitled to the Rights of "Immortal Individuals"
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A national debate is needed regarding the necessity to reverse the dicta in the 1886 Supreme Court Case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad that first awarded the corporation constitutional status as a person and in subsequent decision. Corporations are not human beings, they do not vote; they are artificial entities which should be subordinated to the rights of human beings There can be no equal justice under the law if General Motors or Exxon has all the rights of humans plus all the privileges and immunities to concentrate enormous power and escape responsibility in ways unavailable to the wealthiest of real people.

First off, corporations are people – or groups of them at least. They represent the conglomeration of rights of shareholders. If you have a problem with giving conglomerations of groups rights, shouldn’t you abolish class action lawsuits as well? And if groups can’t have rights, then how come we have affirmative action?

Additionally, since corporations pay taxes, why shouldn’t they have rights? Don’t you believe that those who who pay the price of something deserve a say in deciding costly actions? At least that is a frequent argument your supporters use in stating why only soldiers and the families of soldiers should be able to be in favor of foreign wars. Do you wish to repudiate this position?

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