Thursday, July 29, 2004

Official Democrat Party Blogger Removed For Anti-Obama Comment
Matt Stoller was removed from his position as an official Democratic National Convention Committee Blogger for comments on Barak Obama reported in the National Journal.

Obama is an Illinois legislator running for the U.S. Senate and is seen as a rising political star in the party. He spoke to credentialed bloggers at a Monday breakfast for them."To be honest, I don't get the big deal," Stoller posted after hearing Obama that morning. "He seems very charismatic, but I have yet to cross that bridge with him where I feel like he's saying anything really interesting or useful. He's a lot like Edwards -- charismatic and demographically useful for the Democrats. But is there there there?"

Seems a bit extreme of a response for a remark that really wasn't that bad. Maybe the Democrats are determined that Obama be treated with kid gloves, to prevent any interference with the "Second Coming."

Update: Matt comments on his situation:
There's a story in the National Journal on me.
I am a volunteer and I didn't get fired. We decided that after the Convention started I wouldn't post to the DNCC blog (I had been using it somewhat to help coordinate the blogging component) so that I could post freely to my own. I'm a bit puzzled by the whole story, actually because we still have a great relationship and I'm still helping out the credentialled bloggers. Or as I said in the article:
"I just didn't want any confusion between what I say and what the DNCC says," he said in an interview. He added that the DNCC "wants bloggers to say whatever they want to say. The difference was that I was associated with the DNCC."

Just me or does this seem like Matt is trying to gloss over what happened?
Anyway, Instapundit linked to this blog for an account of things.

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