Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debates
I'll be up front - I missed the last thirty minutes of the debate. But from what I saw, Cheney cleaned up. He landed blow after blow on Edwards. Edwards only hit Cheney on two points - jobs and Cheney's senate record (voted against department of education, meals on wheels, head start, and urging the freeing of Nelson Mandela). Besides that it was all Cheney. Especially damning was when he nailed the Kerry-Edwards campaign for using the incorrect 90% of the cost 90% of the casualty statistics. But his faulting of Kerry's international Policy left Edwards stammering. As did his attack on Edward's non-presence in the Senate. Oh, and his line about being able to refute Halibuturn if given the time being shot down (the moderator wouldn't give him an extension) because it made Cheney appear willing, if given the chance, to squash a seeming smear.

A final note - did anybody else notice Cheney refusing to attack Edwards position on Homosexual Marriage? Perhaps a sign of conflict for him between what he believes in and what his duty is to advocate. But I wasn't paying that close attention by that point in the debate anyway.

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