Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry Has Positioned Himself to Benefit From a Terrorist Attack
My fear has been that if a pre-election bombing occurs it will most likely be in the Republican section of a swing state. Say the counties around Milauwakee in Minnesota. Or the Panhandle of Florida. Or the Suburbs of Cincinnatti in Ohio. A bombing there, on election day, would disrupt the polls, causing the democrats to lose less votes than the republicans. The danger with this for a terrorist was the backfire danger - it would possibly encourage voters to vote for Bush, diminishing the chance of an attack. That danger has been significantly reduced now because of the demagoguery of Kerry on the missing explosives issue, which in the event of one of these bombings, ecourage voters to wrongly blame Bush AND suppress the Republican vote in a swing state.

Lorie at Polipundit has this to say:
For the past year or so, many have feared that the October Surprise would be a terrrorist attack on U.S. soil. So far, we have been fortunate that one has not occurred. I, however, won’t breathe easy until the day after the election. A Polipundit reader, who chooses to remain anonymous, sent me an email raising a frightening possibility found in several comments posted by Moonzoo at Belmont Club. These posts led the reader to speculate:

…that NYTrogate is a set up so that if a Madrid-style attack occurs before the election, Kedwards will have positioned themselves perfectly to lay the blame on the administration’s incompetence. Moonzoo goes so far as to say that if you look closely at what Kedwards have been saying, they seem to be INVITING jihadists to attack.

I don’t know how much to make of this or to overly alarm anyone. But I worry that Bush supporters and all of us in the nation might have to brace ourselves for a lot more than the latest inane MSM propaganda.

Go and read the posts she links to.

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