Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another Voice
Famous blogger Lorie of Polipundit joins most of my immediate family (ironically, recently converted by me to the Republican cause) in trying to convince me to vote Republican in this election:

Oh, Elliot, go ahead and vote for Bush. I can tell that even though you disagree with him on some issues, that you want to vote Bush, and besides, I disagree with you – every vote DOES count.

If I didn't have any desire to vote for Bush or Badarnik I would have already made up my mind. Besides it is more than "some issues" that I disagree with Bush on. Bush sold us down the river by (a) Supporting Affirmative Action (b) Instituing Steel Tariffs (c) Passing an egregious farm subsidy bill (d) Passing the biggest entitlement in recent history - the prescription drug bill at a cost of over $500 billion and counting (and lying to the Republican House about the true cost of the bill, which he claimed to be at $300 billion) (e) Presiding over the largest growth in domestic spending since Carter (no defense/homeland security spending does not account for all of it). Additionally, I personally disagree with Bush on (a) His attempts to pass the Federal Marriage Ammendment (b) His continuance of the War on Drugs (c) His efforts to federalize education (d) His limitations on Stem Cell Research. So it isn't a few issues that I disagree with Bush on. Its a lot - I just happen to hammer the democrats more because I think they are far worse.

Anyway, I have changed my decision several times in the past day. As I stated before, it will come down to who will I enjoy voting for more - Bush or Badarnik? Additionally, while I agree with Lorie that my vote "counts" towards the final result, it will not be the vote that swings the election - so if my goal is to elect Bush or Kerry, voting is not the way to success (Bush will win or lose regardless of my vote). Thus, as I said earlier, I have to base my vote on some other category - such as which I will enjoy voting for more.

Either way, I will be volunteering for the Bush Campaign off and on until the end of the election.

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