Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Withering Attack on Bush
I have frequently said that Bush is the lessor evil when compared to Kerry on this blog. But what does that mean, the lessor evil? It means that he still screws up massively. For those who are die-hard Bush supporters out there, you still have to deal with these valid conclusions of Andrew Sullivan when evaluating how successful the Bush presidency has been:

The reason the story of missing munitions at al Qa Qaa is an important one is not that, in and of itself, it's a huge deal. As Bill Kristol points out in one of the weakest defenses of the administration yet, the NYT story "didn't put it into context how important 380 tons are when there are tens of thousands of explosives in the country." Yes, that's right. Compared to all the other munitions sites that were looted during and after the invasion, al Qa Qaa is not that devastating. But what about all the other sites? What about the fact that a war begun as a means to restrain Saddam's weaponry actually helped disperse it? That's the real issue. And as the facts emerge, I've become convinced of one astounding thing: the Bush administration didn't care very much about the dangers from Saddam's alleged WMDs, or conventional munitions. Safeguarding those sites, keeping those weapons out of the hands of terrorists, was not a major priority.

Remember, I'm not a Kerry supporter. This would not have swayed my vote due to Kerry's other numerous flaws. But it is damning not the same, especially when you read the whole thing.

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