Thursday, April 29, 2004

This Election Will Be Decided at the Republican Convention
I subscribe to a few far-left listserves and one friend on them sent out this link to a piece urging protestors to New York for the Republican Convention. Here is the money quote....
Welcome to the mother of all protests The reasons for going are immense. The numbers that will be there will be incredible. The event will be historic. There will be hundreds of thousands. Most of them will be from New York City. Our goal here at is to make sure that the second largest group is from Chicago. This is not about being an activist or going to just any protest. This is about bringing everybody you know. Everyone you've ever talked to who cringes when they hear Bush's voice. Everyone who ever expressed fear and anger at what's been done in our name.

Another piece I received is urging progressives to inflitrate the Republican convention as volunteers.

If this protest happens outside the Republican Convention, we should look at it not with askance, but rather as the long awaited opportunity to demolish the protestors arguments in mass. For once, reporters will have no choice but to listen to the counterprotest, for if it is done right, it will be done on the stage of the convention itself. Let Bush/Rumsfield/and all the other speakers stand strong against these waves of appeasement and show for once and all how much of leaders they truly are. Let them define Kerry as the choice of the protestors, and let them show Americans that they are not afraid to stand up to them, unlike sisterless souljah Kerry. If they pull that off, this election will be in the bag.

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