Thursday, April 08, 2004

Reiterating My Position on Kos - The Incident Puts Us on the Slippery PC Slope
XRLQ in his blog roundup said that my opinion of the scandal was that Kos was less than tasteful. That's accurate, but it wasn't the main idea of my post. My feeling is that Kos said something that does not fit into the blogsphere's notion of political correctness and now is getting hammered for it.

Wait, the blogsphere can't have Political Correctness, can't it? Of course it can - the forces that gave rise to the PC monstrosity are in the end derived from basic human nature. Change the beliefs, and you will still have people trying to enforce PC, just a different version of it. I won't isolate myself from this, for I've acted the same way - I led the charge at Stanford to keep Lynne Stewart from receiving a Stanford Law Title last year because I thought her beliefs were beyond the pale (worse than Kos, she actually advocated the killing of government officials and blowing up of buildings, despite being given the opportunity to retract her statements by me at her speech which she refused).

The key is not to be repulsed by the PC tendency in our nature, but rather to realize what we are doing and ask ourselves if it is worthwhile. I still think Lynne Stewart should not have been given the imprimatur of a university title, just as Friedman et al think that Kos went to far, which in the end treads dangerously close to the logic preventing speech that Bernstein decries in his book (that of course I haven't read) - You Can't Say That.

I kind of wonder what Bernstein would say about this. I'll email him.

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