Sunday, April 18, 2004

Commenting on the recent assassination of a top Hamas leader, Spain's new foreign minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, said Sunday that such killings "prevent creation of a climate of peace and harmony" and a resumption of talks on the road map. The assassination was "a counterproductive initiative that does not help recover dialogue and confidence in the future," Moratinos added.

Let's get something straight - Israel's attacks do not prevent a "climate of peace and harmony." Rather, NOT ELIMINATING those who demand nothing short of unconditional surrender and are willing to murder those in their community who disagree is what prevents a "climate of peace and harmony." That's not to say Israel is a good peaceful country filled with wonderful people (it isn't). Its saying that it is time to be honest about the situation.

Given Rantisi's wish for martyrdom, and the needs of "justice" to have him killed, David Bernstein is happy both could be fulfilled at the same time (not quite sure what he means by justice, but I'll let it slide).

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