Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Reality Show Worth Seeing?
An idea that I had recently that has caused a lot of laughs:
Take 50 out of work Hollywood models who are quite stuck on themselves. Give them the chance to win a $5 million prize - winner take all. Each week, the one farthest behind in the race gets eliminated. After three months, the winner of the race collects the prize, the losers get nothing.

The catch? The race is who can gain the most weight.

The second catch? The motivational effects will be interesting to behold. Say you've gained 40 pounds after the first two months. You won't see a dime for your efforts unless you win outright. Nor will your competitors. So as the reality of this sinks in, two things will take hold. A good portion may drop out. A good portion, motivated by the cash will stay in, ever accelerating their weight gain.

Why would Americans watch? Because as much as they love pretty people, they love seeing pretty people destroy themselves in futile efforts more. Especially when the pretty people aren't so nice.

If you know any network executives who would be interested, don't hesitate to forward their names over to me.

Update: As Professor Tung-Yin pointed out on his blog, this reality show would be a take off of the infamous dollar auction.

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