Saturday, January 15, 2005

Is the West Rushing Towards Collapse?
I think this women's opinions appear more to show that we are rushing towards a negative utopia as opposed to collapse. We work hard to consume, but we do not consume to become fulfilled - the consumption has become its own end. This is a blasphmazation of capitalism, and shows once again the lie of the rational actor.

Oh yeah, after spending a summer at Harvard, three years at Northwestern, and close to three years at Stanford Law, I agree partially with this statement:
Higher education: "Credentialling, not educating, has become the primary business of North American universities." More and more people are being churned through corporatised credential factories.

Personally though, I think my summer at Harvard, my first year at Northwestern and first semester at Stanford were highly educational. The rest though has been a complete waste in terms of education of complex, interesting ideas. And I didn't even take sociology, which would have made it worse.

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