Thursday, January 27, 2005

Paul Findley at Stanford
Tuesday night I had the "opportunity" to hear former Congressman Paul Findley describe the secret AIPAC consipracy to influence American Middle East Policy. How this differs from the secret Chinese conspiracy to influence us on Taiwan, the secret Russian conspiracy to influence on Chechna, the secret Pakistani conspiracy to influence us on Kashmir, or the secret Turkish policy to influence us on Kurdistan remained unclear. Nor was it clear why this nefarious pro-israel bias is such a bad thing in reality. Anyways, I digress. The point is that there were many memorable lines in the speech, and a friend of a friend was gracious enough to take notes. Enjoy!

Last night I sent out an event for tonight at Stanford: Coalition for Justice in the Middle East Presents The Peril of America's Middle East Policies with 22-year Republican U.S. congressman Paul Findley,Tuesday, Jan 25th, 7:00 PM, Stanford University, Bldg. 420-040 (Psychology Building- Jordan Hall). Tonight, I went to listen and I took notes. Here they are . . .
Tonight's event was attended by +/- 120 students and community members, around half were Middle-Easerners. One of the leaders of Stanford's Coalition for Justice in the Middle East introduced Findley as the founder of the Council For National Interest,(a think tank) and a onetime Holyland Foundation Man of the Year, this "foundation " was shut down as a supporter terrorism after September 11).

Findley began by proclaiming that Iraq was never a threat to the United States. He claims to be pro-troops yet calls the troops "misguided and deluded". He calls the U.S. an imperialist nation. He cited without naming a 2002 document that President Bush allegedly follows that"decides the U.S. is a world policeman, that creates war,,that strives to maintain its military, that strives to control the military of other nations, and that this document destroys the Treaty of Westphalia". Findley claims President Bush asserts the "self-right" to imprison anyone he chooses and views as a threat to security". Findley claims "We rushed to war amidst jingoism and slogans. He claimed the decision to invade Iraq was made prior to 9/11 and per (neo-con aka Jewish Conservative) Paul Wolfowitz, WMD's was the only excuse the President's cabal could agree upon. Then Findley followed by blaming the Iraq war on AIPAC and brings up the Seymour Hersh article in the New Yorker,(Findley loves Seymour Hersh and views him as an Oracle). Findley continued saying the United States is a threat to every other country in the world but he did say the United Kingdom, a bastion of imperialism, is our only ally. Findley referred to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as "hostile actions" and subsequently demonized the "bunker buster bomb". He described Iran's nuclear program as something the Iranians "are creating because they may desparately need this nuclear program in the future". Findley then slithered into saying US-Middle-East policy is controlled and made not by the US government but "..two major religious communities": AIPAC/religious, fanatic Jews and the Fundamentalist Christian lobby. Findley accused soon to be Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice of saying ,"... the U.S. has an Israel-centric foreign policy." (again, not quoted in context). He continued claiming the 2 aforementioned communities support a "greater,expanding,Israel" and that "Christian support goes to pay for settlement". Findley continued by claiming there has been Israeli destruction of Muslim society,(yet said nothing about Palestinian homicide bombings against Israeli civilians, destruction of Jewish Holy sites such as Joseph's tomb,desecration by Palestinian terrorists of the Church of the Nativity). Again, he blamed the war in Iraq on Israel, places blame (again) on "neo-cons/Jews". The second reason the US invaded Iraq per Findley is, OIL!!! He promotes Jewish conspiracy theories as the reason McCloskey, McKinney,Hilliard, were booted out of office yet he is delighted that McKinney won re-election in Georgia. Findley then went on about the horrible Christians that support Israel and Israel itself.

Findley reiterated the following:
* 9/11 would not have happened if the u.S. did not support Israel
* 9/11 would not have occurred without Congressional support for Israel
*Expressed in a very heartfelt manner that "we should explore the grievances of terrorists. ...they did it because they are disenfranchised ).

Findley proclaimed the U.S. should suspend aid to Israel,(huge round of applause by his supporters. and the Palestinian terrorists) that Israel is apartheid, that the Iraqi's do not trust the U.S. because of Israel, and once again criticized President's Bush "power to imprison".



One attendee asked about the millions of dollars Findley's Council for the National Interest received from the Saudi's; Findley danced around the question then said they only paid for a fun little junket to Florida. A second Stanford student and very involved in the Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine asked, why president's [sic] (- hmmmm, who could he mean?) cannot be brought before the International World Court.
Then, blessedly, it was over.

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