Monday, February 07, 2005

Tahoe Report
So Tahoe was really cool. I left at three o'clock in the morning on Thursday, and skied at Alpine Meadows for $39 the first day. Almost nobody was on the slopes - it was completely deserted. One guy who was on the slopes was a forty three year old named Daniel who suffers from MS. His attitude was that he doesn't have much time left walking, so he is trying to live it up by skiing while he still can. Made me once again thankful for what I have.

On a brighter note, I found this four star hotel on hotwire for thirty bucks. They had three pools - one was a regular pool, one was a spa, and one was this ice cold pool with a twenty foot waterfall! Of course I swam in all three. Why risk hypothermia in the waterfall pool? Well, I was in a fraternity at Northwestern, and lake michigan was nearby, so its not like that was the coldest body of water I've ever been in.

I took of the next day and drove to Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe where I stayed Friday night with friends. We decided to build the fire of all fires in the fireplace that was in the rented condo. I think we used 60 logs over the course of the weekend - the fire got hot enough at one point that the ash turned a bright yellow. The amount of that ash that was produced was tremendous.

One guy I stayed with from Germany ended up meeting two very attractive women. They gave him their room number, but there were two. So he invited me to come along. The fire was nice, but the idea of meeting attractive women while on a trip was of course appealing (even if they were taller than me as this guy said they were). That was until their dad opened the door when we knocked on it. My friend neglected to find out that this was a "family trip" when the girls gave him the number. This of course made me wonder at my friends ability to gauge the age of women.

Anyway, I skied Saturday again at Alpine Valley, which ended up being crowded this time around, and then left at midnight Saturday night to come back to Stanford. It was fun.

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