Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Price is Right - Bob Barker Donates $1 Million for Animal Rights
Why is this newsworthy? The donation wasn't to PETA - it was to UCLA's Law School!
[Barker] said he hoped the endowment would encourage more law students to get involved in protecting animals.
"Animal exploitation happens throughout this country and elsewhere," Barker said. "Animals need all the protection we can give them."
The Bob Barker Endowment Fund for the Study of Animal Rights Law will pay for teaching, research, seminars and lectures. The effort will be led by UCLA professor Taimie Bryant, who teaches a course in animal law.

And why can't anybody donate a million dollars to endow a class on something interesting - like how to navigate the NFL Salary cap. There are legal issues there - plus those who take the course could start to have better fantasy teams. Just a thought.
(hat tip - J2db)

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