Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kerry on the Offensive
This was on CNN who linked to an AP article
GREENSBORO, North Carolina (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Tuesday that new predictions of a record federal budget deficit are fresh evidence that President Bush is taking the country in the wrong direction.
Only George W. Bush could celebrate over a record budget deficit of $422 billion, a loss of 1.6 million jobs and Medicare premiums that are up by a record 17 percent," Kerry said. "W stands for wrong -- the wrong direction for America.

Sean Hayes sends this funny take on the Kerry's new attitude, and his "recent" desire to hit Bush back:

[L]et's also remember that this is the man who called reagan's 8 years those of moral darkness and lambasted the deficit at every turn while calling for defense cuts to solve the problem: we know how that turned out.

also, W stands for Wrong is such a crappy, timid catchphrase (have you heard kerry deliver this mantra yet? he sounds like a major tool). Kerry must suck at chess, despite his elitist nature, because he never seems to think more than one move ahead. i.e., why would you dare open this middle initial can of worms when your middle initial is the letter F, and your candidacy has successfully created a new webster definition for what used to only describe "shoes worn on the beach"???

but, for us actual dubya supporters, this is all great. all those times stories about going on the offensive, about how he's a fighter, etc...please, keep smearing Bush. Would anyone actually say the reason kerry is slipping is because he's been too nice to bush? Since about this time last year the dems have done nothing but smear bush (if you think otherwise, then why is a big complaint about kerry his lack of policy specifics?). this stuff isn't working. kerry and co. have accused the president of everything under the sun, and if they just want to keep calling us evil and whatnot, go ahead--but the public clearly ain't buying it.

Tyler Doyle in turn, sends this more serious take on Kerry's new moves:
The nation’s top Democratic strategists get together to try to repair Kerry’s sinking campaign, and the best they can come up with is “W. stands for wrong”?Perhaps these are the same people who figured that photographing the senator while windsurfing in Nantucket (truly the sport—and venue—of the common man: was there no regatta on Martha’s Vineyard that weekend?) would show off his “man of the people” persona. All the tough rhetoric (and even if Kerry’s attacks on Bush are valid, it’s difficult for them to resonate with voters when they’re buried in 45 minute rambling snooze-fests) and catchy slogans in the world still fail to address what Kerry would do if he were president. It’s abundantly clear from the fact that voters prefer Bush on the majority of issues—even issues where Bush has been less than stellar the past three and a half years—that the “President Bush has done poorly on X issue; I would address issue X in a better way (without providing any real specifics)” strategy has not worked. While I am honestly surprised with how well the President is doing at this point, it’s really no mystery, given that the Democrats seem hell-bent on selling the American public a product (Massachusetts liberalism mixed with Bob Shrum’s angry populism) that they haven’t wanted since 1964. Maybe the influx of Clinton staffers will change things, but Kerry has lost a lot of momentum at this point, and “W stands for wrong” (like “reporting for duty” and “help is on the way” before it) is not going to take him to the White House.

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