Sunday, September 05, 2004

Kerry - a 4th Quarter-Come-From-Behind-Quarterback?
That's what the NY Times has Howard Dean and Bill Weld suggesting.
Mr. Rendell said the mood of Democrats had swung sharply since Mr. Kerry's nominating convention.
"I think there is real concern," he said. But he added, "Everybody has a level of optimism that it can turn around and will turn around."
Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont who lost the Democratic nomination to Mr. Kerry, said Democrats were overreacting, noting Mr. Kerry's come-from-behind victories against William Weld in the 1996 race for Senate in Massachusetts and Mr. Kerry's decisive defeat of Dr. Dean in Iowa.
"They've been very aggressive and they've really turned withering fire on John Kerry and clearly we have to respond to that," Dr. Dean said. "I tell you, I'm the one person in America other than Bill Weld that knows John Kerry can respond."
Remember, Dean lost to Kerry after behind ahead in the polls in Iowa (his scream that signalled his implosion came after learning he finished in third). Bill Weld lost Kerry for Kerry's Senate seat after being ahead in a race.

Here is my question - I don't know much about why Dean's lead disappeared in Iowa. And I don't know anything about the Weld-Kerry race. What happened, and how did Kerry take advantage of it? Does anybody know?

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